Bizcat provide services in the initial phases of any District Energy project. We do District Energy Master planning, Pre-feasibility and Feasibility studies including technical, financial and business solutions. In collaboration with our highly skilled professional partners we provide ‘Investor ready propositions’ closing the time gap between planning and implementation.

District Energy is a pipe infrastructure system. The pipes will remain under ground for 50+ years making the strategic planning of vital importance. Thermal energy can be generated in many different ways and vary over time. In all Bizcat services heat demand form the basis for pipe design and generation capacity. The use of local heat or fuel sources favour inward investments and local economy development.

World class expertise

Having developed modern hot water District Energy systems for more than six decades, Swedish has become a world leader in resource efficient solutions. Today District Energy meets half the country's total heating demand and comprehensive District Energy infrastructure is found in all Swedish cities and towns. In spite of our northern latitudes, Sweden is also recognized as a world leader in District Cooling.

The extensive experience in planning, designing and operating District Energy systems using a wide range of local energy sources has made Swedish public owned utilities a gold mine for know-how and expertise. Bizcat is the leading Swedish entry to access this internationally ‘hidden’ knowledge asset.

Bizcat is not providing ‘the Swedish system solutions’. We give access to the experience and know-how gained for many decades in Swedish public and private organisations. By combining this expertise with our client’s local knowledge and context, we lead, assist or support the client to develop its own local system solution.

Our services

Bizcat’s role is to advice and to lead our clients in using its financial and human assets as cost efficient as possible. Our services are in the initial phases, normally as Master Planning or Feasibility Studies, or as Advisory Support throughout a project. We can provide strategic high-level plans and next step recommendations based on long term viability and cost-efficient start-up solutions, or proceeding to ‘investor ready propositions’. If there is no viable solution, we say so.

In all our projects we include tollgates where the client can decide whether to proceed, change direction or stop the process. Throughout the study we put considerable effort in knowledge transfer to educate the client in the basic principles of District Energy.

Master Planning

A Master Plan study gives an early insight to project viability. We provide recommendations for technical solutions and business models, always based on local conditions. In general local economy and social impact are important study considerations.

Bizcat provide comprehensive, independent, business valued assessment of conditions for introducing and expanding District Energy infrastructure systems. We always start by investigating the demand and explore supply solutions matching demand.

The studies are following a phased principle based on long term vision (20-30 years), medium term options (10-15 years), short term (5 years) and start-up solutions. Our definition of sustainability makes the long term achievements most important, and that the start-up and short term solutions are to be compatible with the long term vision.

Pre-feasibility and Feasibility study

There is no study too big or too small. Our way of working is the same. The bottom line for any District Energy project is the phased financial outcome and investment attraction. The technical solutions, business models, risk analysis etc. are all basic work required to provide evidence for investors or funding organisations. Bizcat understands the process and has the skills to lead a project all the way to implementation.

The outcome of a Pre-feasibility or Feasibility study is the phased financial viability of a District Energy project. The technology for energy transmission, distribution and building connection is all proven and well known. Thermal energy can be generated in a variety of ways and vary over time. Bizcat always strive for local waste heat or renewable fuels to feed a District Energy system.

To close the time gap between study and implementation, our professional collaborative team include business development and ‘investor ready proposition’. Depending on client demands Bizcat can provide unique services all the way to investment, construction and business organisation.

Advisory support

Having developed District Energy systems for many decades and all over the country, Bizcat’s network of Swedish public and private management expertise provide excellent management support in any phase of a District Energy project. We can also act as project manager.

Our Advisory Support service can be used throughout a project or just in specific parts. This is a very good way for an inexperienced client in District Energy to have a skilled person evaluating the project process or the consultants, suppliers or construction companies involved.