Bizcat is a private independent management consultancy owned by its highly dedicated and experienced Partners. Focusing on District Energy solutions (heating and cooling), Bizcat provide the best technical, financial and business expertise available. Our strategy is based on local resources, future sustainability and strategic start-up solutions. We always strive for financial viable phased technical and business development to increase the local economy and addressing social challenges. By involving local project team partners Bizcat combines world class expertise and local knowhow. This is what we call `a touch of Swedish experience in your solutions`.

Our Drivers

Bizcat's main driver is to make energy systems consierable more resource efficient. High quality electricity and fossil fuels should be reserved for matching requirements. Space heating/cooling and domestic hot water demand can generally be met by low quality thermal sources like industrial waste heat, biomass, CHP, solar thermal etc. But these options normally make sense only if there is a pipe network distributing the hot or chilled water to multiple clients. District Energy is basically a pipe system distributing thermal energy from generation sites to each customer. These pipe networks become a resilient future proof for energy supply flexibility, carbon reduction and local sources, and provide a efficient use of prime energy.

Another driver for Bizcat is to find business models meeting local demands for social improvements, inward investment and increasing economies. Our full attention is set to find business models and system solutions that are financially viable and to make them attractive to investors.

As District Energy is serving more than half of the total domestic heat demand Sweden is a world leader in resource efficient Distric Energy systems. By Biscat's network of energy utilities, engineering and business consultants, universities etc. we have a reach-back to any specifik skill and expertise needed for international markets. Our Collaboration with the client and domestic experts ensures our technical and business solutions to be locally adapted and financially viable.

In virgin or undeveloped District Energy markets we believe "best practice" to be the best way forward. Having developed District Energy systems for six decades Swedish expertise can lead the client to avoid barriers and mistakes. To get the best possible long term outcome the start-up solutions have to be strategically in line with the future developments. The phased principle of District Energy development used in all our studies around the world has been proven a huge succes and client satisfaction. The positive feed-back recieved make us most confident in Bizcat providing the best value for money to our clients.

Our History

Bizcat was founded in 2002 being a succesful management and business development consultant for Swedish energy utilities. Serving public and private energy companies of all sizes - from Vattenfall and E.on to the smallest. Bizcat has built a network of expertise available for international assignments.

In 2008 Bizcat took the decision to enter the international market, primarily in UK, Canada and USA, providing Swedish world leading District Energy expertise and knowhow. Climate change, inefficient energy systems, fuel poverty and fossil fuel import have made goverments and local authorities aware of risks connected to the use of energy. District Energy is a way to improve energy resource efficiency and enhance local economies, but only if properly performed. During the recent 5+ years Bizcat has been proven to be a reliable partner to all clients providing realistic road maps and strategies going into realization.

In 2014 we incorporated Bizcat UK Ltd based in the beautiful Lake District and ready to deal with the growing demand for Bizcat services all around the UK market.

Our Global Network

Although working worldwide our prime markets are UK and North America. Having worked internationally for many years we are not limited to Swedish expertise as we also have access to local expertise in UK, US, Canada and New Zealand.

Our comprehensive Swedish network of consultant specialists, energy and waste management utilitiy staff, system providers and academia gives us a unique position of teaming up according to any specific client requirement. This way of working make Bizcat a very flexible consultant eager to bring most value to our clients. The combination of long experience and knowledge in the areas of District Energy combined with collaborating companies with strong local knowledge is a leading star in our work.