Our Mission

Our mission is to create economic, environmental and social values to our clients. The way forward is to utilise local and renewable energy sources providing District Energy solutions. We use Swedish world leading knowhow and expertise in collaboration with domestic experts and organisations developing strategic and sustainable District Energy solutions.

Taking a holistic perspective we aim for long term sustainability in heating and cooling. Our phased system and business development approach ensures the solutions to become compatible with future expansion.

Today´s energy efficiency is very low. Heat losses in condensing power plants are in the range of 40-70% and industrial processes generate considerable amount of wasted heat. In Europe for example, the wasted industrial heat can provide all the thermal energy needed to heat every building in Europe. Bizcat´s main driver is to replace fossil fuels and electricity for thermal demands by waste heat, municipal waste fuels and renewable energy sources, if found financially viable. This is a way for improved local economies (inward investments), increased self sufficiency, reduced climate impact and sustainable development as well as addressing fuel poverty.